Sunday, August 18, 2019

Toyota Innova Parts Price in Banawe

I've been going back and forth to to Banawe lately to buy parts for my Toyota Innova herewith are the prices of my recent purchases Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) P500.00/Liter, P1200.00/gallon Toyota innova air filter P350.00 timing belt (d4D) P1850.00 drive belt P1850 gas filter P1400.00 fuel filter P350.00 window trim/weather strip P450.00 long life coolant P350/L (8L coolant needed for toyota innova) shock absorber front P2200 shock absorber back P1200 alternator pulley P2800 oxygen sensor transmission strainer rack and pinion CV joint brake pads P950 (bendix) rotor disks (P1500 replacement) repairs can be had from some trusted talyer/car shops in the area some of these can be used for toyota vios, wigo, fortuner, alphard, avanza, rush, hilux updated as of August 2019