Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Online Shopping and Customs Tax, Delivery Experience

I ordered a car On Board Diagnostics (OBD) from an online shopping website in China where I got the tool for $17.00 plus $19 shipping fee from FedEx (yes, the shipping is more expensive than the item) but the item is not available here nor it a similar tool is too expensive) I paid for the item using my Paypal accout, part of my earnings for my profitable main travel blog (than this pathetic and almost forgotten blog due to my lack of time) WHen FedEx called me up, I was informed that Philippine Bureau of Customs is charging me $30 as import duty or tax on my purchase, I simply mentioned that they can have my item, I don't want to pay such tax on improperly assessed tax. I have no issues paying taxes as long as it's fair but this one's just so like a highway robbery. I wonder if I can also do the same with Ali Express via DHL for my solar power needs