Thursday, June 13, 2013

Globe Postpaid Data Charges/KB Browsing on Bill

Let me guess, you received your Globe Postpaid bill after a few days/weeks delay but as you looked at how much you're going to pay, you get the shock of your life when Globe's overcharging you by a few thousang pesos for mobile Internet even if you're not using it or you're using time-based charging instead of KB Browsing Charging

KB browsing charges cost PhP0.15/kByte of Internet use whether WAP, Edge, 3G or LTE

Globe time-based charging cost P5 per fifteen minutes

default setting for prepaid and postpaid is KB based and you need to switch to time-based charging by texting TIME to 1111

this problem on wrong KB Browsing charges is probably because of Globe's system upgrade last March 14, 2013 where smart ass IT may have screwed up even with Globe's million peso per month expats mostly foreigners can't prevent

There are many Filipinos capable of running Globe's systems and yet Ayala chose to trust foreigners

how to solve the overcharging? call Globe hotline at 730-1000 and ask to waive the charges. Tell them you know about the system upgrade last March and they'll reverse the charges for you

lastly, i wonder what other system bugs and errors will crop up. Globe IT people should be spanked for implementing half-baked, half-tested system!