Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Toyota Mastercard: Discounts at Toyota/Petron but Metrobank Direct Online is...

I have the Toyota Mastercard credit card that gives me 10% discounts on labor and certain parts from Toyota dealers for Scarlett, my 2011 Toyota Innova E A/T.

I also have 3% rebate from my gas ups at Petron gas station

what's the problem with Metrobank Credit Card?

I pay by credit card bill using Chinabank Online

But when I log on to Metrobank Direct, all my recent purchases and payments do not reflect there until the next monthly cycle, the information is not real time nor posted the day after (for online payments like Chinabank Online or BancNet Online, it's about 3 days due to bank processing)

Metrobank Direct does not display updated information is really hard to track your purchases and payments, much more detect if any fraudulent use of my credit card just in case.

I think I'm going to terminate my Toyota Mastercard Metrobank card should this be the case a few months from now

I'm just going to maintain my BPI Mastercard and Citibank VISA for now who both offer better online banking experience at the moment

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