Saturday, March 30, 2013

Google Adsense Western Union Fraud/Scam = Identity Theft

Almost six years ago Google Adsense offered Western Union payments that somehow relieved me of the burden of trying how to encash my adsense check that i put off in encashing besides the fear of my check being encashed by fraudsters. This fear happened to RO's first Adsense check when he found out it was encashed by others. fast forward to 2013, a comment was left on this post warning of such modus operandi for frausders to claim Google Adsense remittances using simple tried and tested modus operandi: identity theft so how do the fraudsters do it? there really must be an insider fraud, as evident on the cases. Insiders have access to the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and past identification cards presented by the real Google Adsense owners. The IDs of the real owners were faked thus it really is just simple identity theft, Western Union should've detected the fraud since the people claiming the funds were their suki As an information security professional with background and experience in fraud investigations, Western Union should be able to find out who it unless they have a system who doesn't log every access to MTCN database. In financial institutions, like where I work, i monitor all individual accesses to cardnumbers, and investigate red flags. Western Union, the local branches, should have data security administrators to perform these regular tasks to deter insiders from committing fraud. you really can't stop privileged insiders from committing fraud, but makeing them think twice, that you can catch them will prevent them from doing it. have you been victimized by Western Union fraud? Do leave comments. Note: the National Bureau of Investigation is useless here unless you have the moolah to pay them off or media mileage for them to gain exposure. I've worked with them in the past, particularly the Anti-Fraud and Computer Crime Division (NBI-AFCCD) now the Anti-Fraud and Action Division, where their agents demanded payments from their clients (they call "baka" as in cow whom they milk). Also met with the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crime Division (CIDG-AFCCD) but i can't provide feedback since I don't have any.