Thursday, February 21, 2013

New LTO Licence Plates with 3 Letters and 4 Numbers

this is good news for legitimate public utility buses, and jeepneys when the LTO announced that they will replace the existing car license plates with new ones starting July 2013 the new LTO car license plates (plaka) will have for private vehicles a white background and green letters and numbers while those for public vehicles will have a yellow background and white letters and numbers. in addition, the franchised route of public utility buses, and jeepneys will also be displayed beneath the plate number so as to distinguish the legit from colorum buses and jeepneys. stickers will also be standard as well as the screws will be install once and will be destroyed if removed to protect against plate number swapping to evade MMDA number coding. a bar code will be displyed on the plate where traffic enforcer, LTO or LTFRB personnel can further verify authentic plates against fake. the fake plate number industry needs to act now, people in recto manila will have something exciting to catch up with. is this plate number applicable to old vehicles meaning old plates will be replaced with new plate numbers that look like Euro plates? :P

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