Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cloudfone Excite, Thrill, Cloudpad: Prices, Specifications

I got curious about this other cellphone brand being sold at a kiosk in WalterMart North EDSA is addition to myPhone and Cherry Mobile (where I bought my cherry mobile flare cheap android phone) and i want to at least take a look at them so I can review them. Cloudfone mobile phone models: Excite 350G Thrill 400G Excite 320G Excite 320E Excite 350E Excite 350i Thrill 430G Thrill 430x Thrill 500g Cloudfone Tablets Cloudpad 970g I'm looking for independent Cloudfone reviews of their mobile phones, probably made in China (where most products are made, even the revered iPhone), Cloudphone repair service center contact number and other usual stuff most consumers are looking for like camera megapixels, dual core processors, internal memory et al

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