Wednesday, December 05, 2012

iPhone 5 NanoSIM for Smart/Globe/Sun?

The iPhone 5 has a smaller SIM than that of earlier iPhone 4S. iPhone 5's SIM is called nanoSIM (or nano-SIM) while the iPhone 4S has waht is called the microSIM You can actually DIY the microSIM of iPhone 4S but not the nanoSIM of Iphone 5 I wonder how they're going to call the SIM of the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6: picoSIM? you can get the nanoSIM for your phone from Globe, Smart and Sun business centers

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Micro-SIM for iPhone 4S/iPad Globe/Smart/Sun/TM/Talk and Text

Looking for a microSIM for iPhone or microSIM for iPad 3? You can actually make your own using a cutter where you just cut out the plastic to fit your iPhone 4S or iPad 3 Be careful though as you might damage your simcard. better proceed to any Globe, Smart, Sun Business center You can buy a microSIM price for globe is P40 for prepaid and P50 for postpaid (plan holders).