Sunday, August 26, 2012

LTO Commemorative Plate Number Coding Exemption

I still get a lot of hits when look around for MMDA Number Coding Exemptions for using special commemorative plates Are LTO commemorative plates really exempted from MMDA Number Coding? or from Makati number coding? the answer: NO, they're not exempted. You can only display the commemorative plates above your car plate number, never on top of the original plates. Even if you were promised number coding exemption by the seller of the special plates, you simply cannot avoid/go around the law by using the plates, either if you're using Ateneo, DLSU, UP, PNP, NBI, Lawyer or any other plate that cost so much (outrageous price but usually PhP2000.00/plate) unless ou want the vanity plate of the three letters and two numbers plate priced at PhP25k each, you're still under number coding


  1. So are 3 letter- 2 number plates exempted from the number coding scheme?

  2. anonymous, no. wala exemption yun kung ganun din lang e di bili na rin ako nun :P