Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Recover Stolen Items in Pawshops: Police, Anti-Fencing, Papel de Agencia

I know someone whose precious wedding rings and engagement ring were stolen by a brother deeply mired in gambling vice, then pawned the items at nearby pawnshops.

He did this years ago but my friend was able to recover the items from the pawnshop when an errand boy, who went to the pawnshop in behalf of the "prodigal" brother tipped her off of the caper and was able to get the pawn ticket (papel de agencia) and redeemed the stolen items.

Now the prodigal brother is again at it but this time no papel de agencia can be found nor an admission from the unrepentant brother.

The most logical thing is to look for them, again, at nearby pawshops. But having no experience at this, I have these questions.

1. Is it possible to ask the pawnshop for the items then have them sold to her without the papel de agencia?

2. Would asking the police for help really help? This is fearsome as many policemen only milk the complainants for "gas money and snacks" but produce no results.

3. Do you what Lhuiller does with unclaimed pawned jewellery? They melt it to create new jewelleries.

4. Can my friend ever recover her rings in case she finds it in pawnshops?

5. Can you invoke the anti-fencing law against the pawnshop accepting stolen items?

6. What's the best course of action to take?

To be updated once some of these steps are taken :(

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