Sunday, September 18, 2011

LTO No Plate No Travel Policy: New Cars MMDA/Makati

I'm now an owner of shiny new Toyota Innova E 2.g DSL since last week. And since it's new, still has no plate numbers but was able to get home to Quezon City and Makati via San Juan and Mandaluyong, not via EDSA nor C5.

For now, I'm using Toyota Pasong Tamo's delivery receipt valid for 7 days that I need to show to traffic enforces (MMDA or MAPA/MAPSA in makati) or the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or PNP TMG (traffic management group) manning checkpoints.

Note that the seven days validity of conduction sticker is legal only for delivery of your new vehicle from the dealer to your office or residence but due to either laziness of the CASA or the usually slow LTO release of license plates, plate numbers will be released after about 3 to 4 weeks. (conduction sticker can be removed from your car once you have your plate numbers, number coding in makati uses the last digit of your conduction sticker too, i think same in Las Pinas but not sure in Pasig. MMDA tolerates it but also attracts carnappers and carjackers of which QC has lots of)

I've yet to mark the first week of my car's life outside, odometer reading's still around 64 kilometers. I have several post-dated delivery receipts to use after seven days to renew my seven days grace period of "exemption" from the no plate, no travel policy. But i think as long as it's taking a long time, a smart police or traffic enforcer can ask your odometer reading to know if your car's really fresh from the CASA.

I intend to take my Innova to Bolinao, pangasinan next month, I hope to receive my plate number by then so that I don't have to be nervous to pass by NLEX and SCTEX or even SLEX and Startoll.

Violations and fines for new cars without license plates apply plus possible impounding of your new car until you show the LTO registration OR/CR or license plate with stickers.

This No Plate No Travel policy is stupid for the government makes it hard for citizens to use their new cars caused by the inefficiency of the LTO in the quick release of license plates.


  1. Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.

  2. No Plate No Travel is still suspended, you just need proof that your papers is still in process... You may ask your dealer for a conduction permit extension (in LTO Official Receipt form)as proof that the papers is in process.

  3. yung Toyota Pasong Tamo, matagal talaga sila mag process ng plate number.. binili ko kotse ko sa kanila ng May, July lang nila pina-register sa LTO, and they provided me the LTO registration.. so far, ngayon, 3mos+ na, wala parin akong plaka.. hehe..

  4. mitsubishi motors na ang dealer ay peak motors until now wala pa rin plate number yung car ko binili ko last may 25,2012 until now wala pa din plate number 6 months na po