Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Adobe Flash Cause of Firefox Crash/Hang-up Problem

I'm an active OpenStreetMap volunteer mapper using Potlatch 2 online editor. What I noticed beginning from Firefox 3.6 was that my browser will always go slow, hang or crash for a few weeks already.

What I did was update my Firefox to the latest version even all Firefox add-ons and extensions but still the Firefox crash persisted.

I disabled all add-ons and extensions and now it's ok but I can't use Adobe Flash Player that I need to edit OSM Potlatch 2

Using the latest version of Firefox 4 and yet the problem returned after a few days of stable operation.

Solution? Fire up Google Chrome browser and no crashes. Even Internet Explorer 9 can do but don't recommend it from Microsoft.

I use Firefox for Blogger, IE9 for OpenStreetmap and Blog Facebook and Google Chrome for this.

My other other add-ons for Firefox that are currently enabled: SearchStatus, NoScript, Adblock, and DownThemAll

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