Sunday, May 15, 2011

Toyota Charcoal Canister or EVAP Purge Valve Solenoid Problem with Error Code P0443?

While idling for quite some time on Trinoma access road, my yellow check engine light came on. Since I have my own OBD II diagnostic scanning tool, i immediately checked it out and came with P0443 error code that points to the evaporative purge solenoid circuit.

I'm already familiar with the evaporative component of modern carsas it's responsible for storing gas vapors from the gas tank in the charcoal canister then the purge solenoid supplies the gas vpsors to the throttle body to be used as fuel, therefore maximizing use of fuel and eliminating emissions.

toyota evap purge valve solenoidToyota Vios evap purge valve solenoid, also for Yaris and other car models running on 1NZ-FE engines. the valve is located on the air filter compartment with two hoses, one from the evap charcoal canister and the other goes to the throttle body

I reset the code and it disappers, only to re-appear after a few minutes of driving.

I thought of replacing the purge valve solenoid with a little help from a friend selling surplus car parts from Japan who I may be able to replace it just to try then return the part if it's not really at fault. My paranois is due to Internet reports of defective evap canisters of Toyota discussed in several Toyota forums with the charcoal canister as culprit acording to the car diagnostic scanner and yet the error code and CEL light returned even after the evap canister was replaced (toyota charcoal canister price is about PhP8000.00 according to a mechanic friend of mine)

Yesterday, after doing a DIY interior detailing jpb on my car, I opened up the hood, yanked the two hoses from the purge valve solenoid, sprayed generous amounts of WD40, let it dry then reinstalled it then restarted my Toyota Vios. Voltage tests and continuity checks of the solenoid coil turned ok.

I used my Toyota Vios but dreaded yellow CEL came back after three trips on my dashboard/instrument cluster did not return so far. (I've read Toyota ECU lights the engine CEL after three run cycles thus the 3 trips)

Just when I decided to bring the purge valve to Jay N Jer for replacement (with guarantee to return if it's not the real culprit since I know the owners), I noticed the one of the wire connectors to the valve is open, with the rubber insulation hiding it. I just cut the wire and made a direct connection to the valve connectors.

Been 4 days and yet the malfunction indication light didn't return, electrical open and not actual valve failure.

Hope it stays that way. Just another accomplishment of my DIY OBDII scanner and some minor car repair knowledge saving me money :P

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