Thursday, May 19, 2011

JDM Japan Surplus Car Parts (Jay N Jer Ortigas)

If any of you is looking for genuine JDM car parts from Japan, there's a car parts shop specializing in this area. They import their products directly from Japan and now doing the same for Korea (Hyundai and Kia surplus) in addition to their usual Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi cars.

They import them in bulk with whole engines and shipped in containers, pass by customs (yes, they're legit and legal, unlike others whose products provenance come from carnapped vehicles. If it's ok for you to buy stolen stuff just to save money, may the fate of the carnap victims not befall on you too).

anyway, i used to have their contact numbers to call but lost them. will just visit them again on Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City right after going down Rosario Bridge (or is it Ortigas Bridge? from Robinsons Galleria)

Will update this post once I get the telephone number and some sample prices. I'm gonna get me a Toyota purge valve solenoid for my Toyota vios (part number 90910-12202) that's turned on my yellow check engine light on my dashboard.

I might also look for JDM mods (modifications) for my almost 100% stock Sakura auto :P

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