Saturday, April 09, 2011

Does Blogbank Still Pay or had a "Bank Run"?

Traffic to my main blog just skyrocketed as it's summer nearing Holy Week coupled with the upgrade to PR5 by BFF Google.

As I checked out the earnings for my blog advertising besides Google Adsense (that I check daily) e.g. Infolinks, Nuffnang and, Blogbank has not been giving updates on their website and blog...

I have unpaid earnings running to P8k and probably higher but no sign, not even a word from the owners (JV Fernandez?) on the latest news and updates on Blogbank...

What gives? Do I have to get rid of the blogbank code on my main blog and write off my "lost income" like what I did with other scam ads site?

Blogbank is not a scam nor a hoax, I actually got paid years ago...or sometime early last year but late last news on blogbank but i have to guess it's another blogbank run? :(

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