Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Banco de Oro (BDO) Holy Week 2011 Downtime/Offline due to Systems Upgrade

BDO, the Philippines' largest bank in terms of assets will be temporarily offline on Good Friday till early Black Saturday for a planned systems upgrade.

BDO's official email announcement:

" The use of BDO ATM cards will not be available in all ATM machines and payment terminals in retail stores from 11PM of April 22 (Friday) to 7AM of April 23 (Saturday). For BDO Dollar Account Holders, the use of ATM cards will not be available from 11PM of April 22 (Friday) to 6PM of April 23 (Saturday).
Bills payment using ATM, Internet, Mobile Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking will not be available from 11PM of April 20 (Wednesday) to 11:59PM of April 23 (Saturday).
Other transactions using Internet, Mobile Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking will not be available from 10PM of April 22 (Friday) to 6PM of April 23 (Saturday).

Clients are encouraged to schedule their transactions prior to the commencement of the systems upgrade to avoid any incovenience.

For any inquiries regarding this upgrade, clients can contact BDO thru the following:

Customer Contact Center: (+632) 631-8000, [email protected]
Domestic Toll-Free Nos.: 1-800-10-6318000 and 1-800-3-6318000(Digitel)
International Toll-Free No.: (Intl. Access Code) + 800-8-6318000

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aowa Appliances Scam at MC Home Depot, Ortigas: Calling DTI

This is a much delayed post just to warn other people of the unscrupulous modus operandi of Aowa Electronics at MC Home depot on Ortigas Avenue in Pasig City

Wifey went to Petron Car Care Ortigas (near The Medical City) to have a tune up of our Sakura, our Toyota Vios when we decided to visit the nearby MC Home Depot just walking distance.

It's inside that a man offered something to my wife who came to see what the offer was. The Aowa sales man was too inquisitive and too eager and asked me personal questions but I merely deflected to wifey.

Then when wifey seemed too interested in the Aowa induction cooker, another man brought up his cellphone then called up his boss who shouted "talaga ma'am?" and announced my wife just won a promo only for the day and began surrounding wifey with freebies that we can buy for P40,000.00 including the induction cooker, air purifier, electric kettle, aircon, ionizer and other electric appliances.

My usual cynical self came into play when I noticed the man who called his boss lacked the usual reaction of surprise, "kulang sa acting skills, ika nga." Even hinting that we can store the appliances to be used next year so we can avail at a very great dsicount.

As I was trying to deflect their insistence on us buying all the items for "cheap" P40k, wifey almost gave her credit card just to have a balance inquiry when I said "No."

I simply made an excuse to all the sales people surrounding us that even if what they're selling are checp, it's still expensive to me for I don't need them.

We left the store and thank goodness, my wifey survived the test that made me shiver at the thought of buying Aowa appliances where I don't even know if they're reliable and if Aowa Service centers really exists in case of repairs.

Anyway, their style is typical of misleading campaigns that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) should look into, but knowing how lazy government workers are, I doubt it seriously.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Does Blogbank Still Pay or had a "Bank Run"?

Traffic to my main blog just skyrocketed as it's summer nearing Holy Week coupled with the upgrade to PR5 by BFF Google.

As I checked out the earnings for my blog advertising besides Google Adsense (that I check daily) e.g. Infolinks, Nuffnang and Blogbank.com.ph, Blogbank has not been giving updates on their website and blog...

I have unpaid earnings running to P8k and probably higher but no sign, not even a word from the owners (JV Fernandez?) on the latest news and updates on Blogbank...

What gives? Do I have to get rid of the blogbank code on my main blog and write off my "lost income" like what I did with other scam ads site?

Blogbank is not a scam nor a hoax, I actually got paid years ago...or sometime early last year but late last year...no news on blogbank but i have to guess it's another blogbank run? :(

Friday, April 01, 2011

Blogger Publish Button Doesn't Work in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

it's frustrating or do i have a bad setting but I still can't publish blog posts on Classic blogger using Internet Explorer 9 :(

don't know the problem and solution but my workaround is to use Google Chrome for my Mozilla Firefox is reserved for my main blogger account.

Canon 1100D Price Hidalgo, Quiapo, Manila?

The recently released brother of canon 1000D can be found in Hidalgo at an introductory price of...

Canon EOS-1100D cost in Hidalgo, Quiapo: PhP 29,000.00 only

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