Monday, March 21, 2011

Manila Earthquake March 21, 2011 Latest News and Tsunami Warning

As I'm writing this blog post, I'm feeling a bit dizzy up here at the 19th floor of our building in Makati

An unspecified magnitude earthquake felt in Makati and Quezon City, probably Metro Manila but not felt in Laguna.

I've yet to know the magnitude from Philvocs and USGS and the epicenter, not too strong actually for a tsunami unless it's really strong.

Be safe everyone...Hope there's no damage to an already struggling country afraid of the magnitude of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. from a country in the pacific ring of fire and many fault lines like the enarby marikina fault line (west valley)


  1. yup 4th floor here in makati. .the center of the earthquake (mindoro) 5.1 magnitude, , ,

  2. yup naramdaman nmin d2 and earthquake, , , center of Quake (mindoro) 5.2 magnitude thats the aftershock from mindoro. . .

  3. yes i felt it also....i was working in my office here in manila...its a good thing im in the 1st floor...i felt dizzy,then notice that my chair is moving...then stood up...ran to the to my suprise, when i got out...people are outside their houses also!!! not sure if there will be a after shocks or tsunami's...but we have to be ready for anything....