Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hoax: Acid Rain from Japan Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

Several text messages from wifey that warns me not to go out due to meltdown of a nuclear power plant whose cooling system was damaged by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake last friday.

“PAALALA: 4:30 in the afternoon sumabog ung isang nuclear power plant sa Fukumi (sic). Kapag umulan daw mamaya at bukas, wala daw lalabas. Kung kung lalabas kayo,siguraduhin nyong nkakapote o nkapayong kayo dhl kpag naulanan kayo, delikado daw, may tendency na masunog balat nyo, mkalbo o mgka cancer. Pls pass"

REMINDER: 4:30 in the afternoon, a nuclear power plant exploded in Fukumi. Do not go out if it rains later and tomorrow. If you are going out, wear a raincoat or use an umbrella because if you get rained on it’s said to be dangerous. There is tendency that your skin will be burned, you will go bald or will get cancer. ”

The truth: radioactive gases don't react with water to form acid rain. it also doesn't react with water since it's metallic. gaseous substances and pollution in the air like sulphur and nitrogen react with the clouds form acid rain.

The Philippines is too far away from Japan to be affected by the nuclear problem and is really still normal radiation levels.

The sender of the text message may mean well but is really creating panic and false information

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