Monday, March 21, 2011

Manila Earthquake March 21, 2011 Latest News and Tsunami Warning

As I'm writing this blog post, I'm feeling a bit dizzy up here at the 19th floor of our building in Makati

An unspecified magnitude earthquake felt in Makati and Quezon City, probably Metro Manila but not felt in Laguna.

I've yet to know the magnitude from Philvocs and USGS and the epicenter, not too strong actually for a tsunami unless it's really strong.

Be safe everyone...Hope there's no damage to an already struggling country afraid of the magnitude of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. from a country in the pacific ring of fire and many fault lines like the enarby marikina fault line (west valley)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IE9 Bug or Error: Cannot Publish Blogger Post Using Internet Explorer 9

I recently updated my notebook's Internet explorer to version 9 and now using it with ease but when I was posting the blog entry prior to this, I can't seem to publish my post for unknown reasons on Blogger platform but the Save button is ok

I saved the draft post, closed my IE9 window then fired up Google Chrome, logged in and open up the draft post on the Edit tab of Blogger, it's not published.

Is this an IE9 bug or error onn No problem using Google Chrome and Firefox as I'm using it to update my main blog (using different browsers just to simultaneously log in)

hope it's just an IE9 hiccup!

BSP, Banco Filipino Bank Run, Bankruptcy or Bank Holiday?

Last Tuesday, Banco Filipino depositors, clients and account holders were surprised to see all banco Filipno branches closed and only security guards at the baking premises to tell irate people to go back when Banco Filipino will open again.

TV news of Banco Filipino and BSP now feature Perfecto Yasay, Banco Filipino's vice-chair, blames BSP for Banco Filipino's "bankruptcy"...

Want to know the truth about Banco Filipino and other latest news? Well it's such a complicated and long history behind the battle between the bank and the bank regulator.

The rift between Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and Banco Filipino dates back to the time when BSP (thru the former central bank of the Philippines) ordered BF closed but later re-opened. The Supreme Court already ruled the BSP closing of Banco Filipino was arbitratry.

Banco Filipino has a pending case against BSP because of this asking for compensation while it is also BSP job to help banks asking for assistance, part of their job as regulators.

Will Banco Filipino re-open and not close temporarily and not permanently? I think so. They have been closed before and will be able to do it again. They've been through tough times and also did you notice the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) did not step in?

Banco Filipino is not really bankrupt, they still have PhP18,000,000,000.00++ in equity but they got an overdraft last weekend and so wanted to borrow P3B from the BSP that BSP didn't provide. Banco Filipino decided the next day to temporarily close their bank.

I suggest in the best interest of Banco Filipino clients and the banking industry in general, BSP and banco Filipino iron our their differences to help Banco Filipino out of the current mess. Enough of the bickering on national TV.


I'm from the banking industry, but not a Banco Filipino insider. I learned about Banco Filipino early this week but didn't disclose them in this pathetic blog (that nobody reads anyway, unlike my main travel blog), due to sensitivity of the Banco Filipino news (but i'm privileged enough to be aware of some of the real scoop). The information has been made public already with Banco Filipino and BSP people, lawayers, trading barbs with Banco Filipino claiming it's BSP's fault and the source of the smear campaign against Banco Filipino. As of now, Banco Filipino branches are closed and ATMs offline to stave off mass withdrawals of depositors and avert a bank run.

Latest News Banco Filipino Bank Run, Banco Filipino Bank Holiday, Banco Filipino Bankruptcy, Banco Filipino Bankcrupt. How to withdraw your money deposits from Banco Filipino

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hoax: Acid Rain from Japan Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

Several text messages from wifey that warns me not to go out due to meltdown of a nuclear power plant whose cooling system was damaged by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake last friday.

“PAALALA: 4:30 in the afternoon sumabog ung isang nuclear power plant sa Fukumi (sic). Kapag umulan daw mamaya at bukas, wala daw lalabas. Kung kung lalabas kayo,siguraduhin nyong nkakapote o nkapayong kayo dhl kpag naulanan kayo, delikado daw, may tendency na masunog balat nyo, mkalbo o mgka cancer. Pls pass"

REMINDER: 4:30 in the afternoon, a nuclear power plant exploded in Fukumi. Do not go out if it rains later and tomorrow. If you are going out, wear a raincoat or use an umbrella because if you get rained on it’s said to be dangerous. There is tendency that your skin will be burned, you will go bald or will get cancer. ”

The truth: radioactive gases don't react with water to form acid rain. it also doesn't react with water since it's metallic. gaseous substances and pollution in the air like sulphur and nitrogen react with the clouds form acid rain.

The Philippines is too far away from Japan to be affected by the nuclear problem and is really still normal radiation levels.

The sender of the text message may mean well but is really creating panic and false information