Friday, February 25, 2011

Globe Billing Charges iPhone 3G/3GS/4 Problem and Solution

I have an iPhone 3G and now a new iPhone 4 that I rarely use for Internet broswsing since I only love the camera, particularly of the iPhone 4 with vastly improved features. I got billed for about P3k when I did a jailbrek for my iPhone 3G but after that I learned how to avoid it.

One time I visited Globe business center in Trinoma and found an irate globe subscriber complaining about Globe overbilling iPhone postpaid account for accumulating thousands of pesos but really using it.

it turned out the settings of her iPhone is not tweaked to disallow instant connection to the Internet when it requires a connection, something most iPhone users are unaware.

I dont' know what happened to the complaint, as far as i know, being ignorant of the fact that the iPhone connects to the Internet and Globe will wither charge you PhP0.12/kB or PhP5/15 minutes (for time based). Leaving your iPhone in default settings can really jack up your monthly bill even you don't actually use.

It's just a case of RTFM, know your new iPhone so you won't get in the same boat as those other people.

How to avoid Globe Overbilling iPhone?
Turn off Cellular data (Settings > General > Network). It should be grayed out (Off)

another iPhone Tip, much better than the first one is to edit the APN entry so as to avoid accidental activaation of Globe cellular data:

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network >

edit the APN by adding anything you may desire like OFF then deleting the OFF when you need to connect

this is an effective way to avoid Globe overbilling iPhone.

another trick I use at home is to use my laptop, connected to the Internet via Sun Broadband or Globe Tatoo, then configure my laptop as a wifi Internet router with Internet connection sharing where my iPhone can connect.

It's easy and does not need another hardware to do. More on this next time :P

Note: this can also happen even if you're using Smart or Sun Cellular. If you're a prepaid subscriber, you'll use up your load in no time. A similar situation for Blackberry phone users and also for Apple iPad 3G even if it's turned off.

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