Sunday, February 06, 2011

DIY PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) Guide, Anyone?

Sakura, my Toyota Vios 2006 has a small dent, actually a ding or dimple on the left side front door caused probably by children playing near my car one time when I parked it on the street.

A few days ago, I noticed three new dings on my car hood that's very noticeable even wifey readily noticed it so I figured I can try my hand at DIY (do it yourself) paintless dent repair to remove the dents, dings and dimples on my car if it's easy.

I've already done research for PDR services cost about P300/dent depends on size of the dent but I'm challenged that I can do itmyself not just to save on costs but probably a future "racket" or business.

To those who've experienced paintless dent repairs (PDR) what did you noticed?

did the pop-a-dent or other PDR tools effeective?
is the heat gun blow dryer method required to heat the paint to avoid damaging it needed?
does using a spoon to massage a dent effective and not worsen the dent?
does the ice cube method of heating and freezing a dent work?

is there a tutorial for paintless dent repair? how to do paintless dent repair? methods, tips and tricks of the trade?

I probably hire a home service PDR guy to do it for me and observe first before doing it. It's such a small price to pay for a small dent but i'll learn from it. An officemates' honda civic got cheap PDR service recently for P400 at honda casa :P

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