Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Replace Brake Lights (Toyota Vios)

I recently noticed the third brake light of Sakura, my Toyota Vios' name, is not working since the red light reflects on the car's rear window

When I asked someone to verify while I apply the brakes, the left "stop light" also is intermittent. When I opened the hood and checked the wiring (Toyota vios wiring diagram is pretty straightforward) the light went on and I simply returned the wiring harness back.

The next day, I checked the third brake light by removing the light assembly by simply pulling towards me then lifting it up to reveal the busted light bulb.

I again checked the tail light assembly and this time I discovered the second brake light is also busted-- I was driving with just one brake light on, such a dangerous one but glad I'm just on slow moving traffic.

I simply bought the two busted brake lamps at the nearby auto supply shop near Munoz, Quezon City for just P35.00 and installed them.

Now I'm back to the safe side, three brake lights working. Park lights and head lights and fog lamps, hazard and turn lights all confirmed working.

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