Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips How to Win Lotto Jackpot PCSO Lottery 6/42, 6/45, 6/55

For people who'd like to know if they're lucky and take a shot at the balooning jackpot of PCSO GrandLotto 6/55...including the greedy senators who "wants to help the poor" but don't palce bets when the grand prize is low

Sure ways tips to win the lottery:
1. Take care of your numbers. Having a set of numbers each time has a
higher probability of winning.

2. Computer programs calculating winning lotto number combination don't

3. Winning number patterns can't predict the next winning combinations.
The balls are each weighed before each draw, right? If you want
predictable and cheated results, just bet on jueteng, the illegal numbers game patronized by the poor who has no money for food and education yet finds resources for alcohol, cigarettes and sometimes drugs, even if they know jueteng lords cheat their own game :(

4. More bets mean more probability of winning; and the higher risk of
losing :P

5. The only way to win the lotto jackpot is to be the luckiest guy who
placed a bet. (There's some sort of luckiest guy on earth who won the lottery jackpot, not once but twice. Jose Rizal also was lucky when he co-won the second prize while in exile in Dapitan)

6. Most lotto winners come from the Bureau of Customs, the Bureau of
Internal Revenue and other government agencies who can't explain their
wealth when questioned why their SALs always bloat even if they have not
so high paying jobs.

7. Sure way to win the lottery grand prize is to bet at all possible numbers i.e. about 29 million lotto tickets worth about PhP580M. This is only feasible, and if the PCSO will allow it, when the jackpot hits more than that prize...just keep your fingers crossed that you're the only one who placed a bet on the winning number combination :P


  1. Nice tips but I dont totally agree on some of them.

    Lotto programs that calculate lotto winning numbers are not designed to pick the winning lotto numbers. They are designed so people can use the Wheeling system (calculations) so they can pick the winning numbers. if you can't pick the winning numbers then the wheels won't pick the winning numbers too.
    Winning numbers and cold numbers patterns give you an idea of what can happen in the next draw. While not totally fool proof studying patterns might make you hit the jackpot.
    Check out the latest winning patterns for your favorite Lotto draw by clicking on this link PCSO Lotto Results and Tips

  2. plz maluoy mo im verry poor daghan utang ushay wla nai makaon plz help me to win a lotto! tnx GODBLESS