Thursday, November 04, 2010

Slow Facebook Access on Sun Broadband Internet

Though I've never been fondof Facebook and other social networking sites, I can't help but setup at least a Facebook page formy main blog. Problem's that accessing Facebook using Sun Broadband Internet is next to useless.

When I try to access my facebook page to post updates on my blog, allI can see is an incomplete main page. It's like this for many weeks now, don't know how long for I really don't access Facebook that much.

I called up Sun Hotline and I they informed me about the advisory on slow facebook access. No timeline was given on when this can be fixed too. It's probably a invisible proxy server problem or content delivery hiccup.


  1. You should have stated where you where when connecting to your facebook account. Take note that Sun isn't offered in all locations yet and it's a good thing that they are trying to lower down barriers to using the extra patient.

  2. wow... it's been almost 2 years and nothing seems to happen...

  3. lessons are, doNt try those cheapest way to coNnect to the internet, subscribe to those dEdicated ISP provider, its like buying old tv w/o antenna ahahaha

  4. anonymous, it's ok now. it was slow only for facebook for a few months. Sun Broadband is still way much faster than Globe Tattoo and SmartBro, at least in my place.