Friday, November 12, 2010

CDR King NAV-58F 3.5” GPS Navigator, Is it Worth the Price?

For months before I bought my Garmin Nuvi 1300, I was waiting to get my hands on the just released NAV-58F GPS Navigator of CDR King.

at first glance, the specifications and features on CDR King's website:

3.5” GPS Navigator
Price: PhP 5,800.00
Warranty: 6 months (better than the usual 1 month)
Replacement: 1 week

Following discussions on the net, the GPS unit has no tracklogs, meaning it does not record tracks and therefore next to useless for mapping. It's like an entry level Garmin Nuvi.

No information yet if it supports Garmin's IMG file format to use either Roadguide or Open Street Map (OSM).

Is is recommended? If you know a friend from the states coming home, just buy any Garmin Nuvi online from Amazon or eBay and have it shipped via balikbayan boxes or hand-carried. I bought my Garmin Nuvi 1300 at just $149.00, P600 more than the cost of this unit so think twice :P

NAV-58F 3.5” GPS Navigator Features and Specifications:

* CPU: Atlas IV 500MHz, Arm 11
* Display: 3.5” QVGA TFT LCD with touch screen
o Brightness: 250 units
o Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
o Back Light: Adjustable
* On board Button/Keys: On/Off + sleep, Wake Up button, Reset hole
* Sound System: 1W 8ohm built-in speaker
* Memory:
o Internal Memory-RAM: DDR 64MB
o Internal Flash: 1GB Nand Flash (standard), supports up to 4GB
* GPS Features: Built-in Patch Antenna ; GPS info
* Tracking Sensitivity: -159dBm
* Tracking: L1, C/A code
* Channels: 64 parallel channels
* Reacquisition: 0.1 sec (avg.)
* Hot Start: <3 sec (avg.)
* Warm Start: <38 sec (avg.)
* Cold Start: <43 sec (avg.)
* Position Accuracy: Within 10M
* Max. Update Rate: 1Hz
* Velocity: 0.1 m/sec. (max)
* WAAS: Available (Above GPS chip data follow original spec.)
* Temperature:
o Operation: -10°C to 50°C Storage; -20°C to 60°C
* Audio:
o Software volume control
o Built-in speaker 1W, 8 ohm

* USB: USN 2.0 host or client
* Expansion: MicroSD ™ , Supports up to 8GB (Max)
* Battery: Built-in 850mAh Lithium-Poly Battery
* Recharge through USB jack

* Windows ™ CE 6.0 core
* Photo & Text Viewer

* Car Charger
* Cradle/Gooseneck
* USB Cable
* User manual, Quick Guide


  1. but garmin nuvi don't have a map for the Philippines

  2. michsrl, i'm using openstreetmap on my garmin nuvi 1300. there's also roadguide map. both are free to use no subscription fees

  3. I almost bought this CDR-King GPS Navigator sa Harrison Plaza branch nila this morning. Buti na lang I had second thought. Di kasi makasagot yung sales clerk sa mga tanong ko (apparently, no technical know-how of the equipment)
    I might get na lang the one you recommend. It's available in for less than US100 dollars. Kaso lang, it can only be shipped in the US so I might wait for a friend to have it hand-carried to me...
    Nice review. Thanks. It helps (not only helped but saved my day ;) )

  4. do offer a FREE Basic Map of the Philippines, but it is pretty 'basic'.

    However if you make some 'Contributions' to you become elevated to Contributor Status and get the Unlock Code for your GPS Navigator. are now licensing older versions of their Maps to 'PAPAGO' who supply the Philippine Maps on these CDR King GPS Navigators. also now make available a Version of their Philippine Maps for NAVITEL, so these Maps available for Android, iPhone, S60, WM and WinCE

    This is under review to gauge popularity and usability.

  5. amazingly, i am surprised with the performance of cDR King's GPS Navigator. Works just like the one installed in my Mitsubishi Strada in terms of reliability and accuracy. It's really affordable at only 5,800 pesos. It's definitely smaller and the audio is not as crisp and clear, but works just well. I actually love the English TTS feature. It mentions the names of the streets with a funny american english twang! The touch screen is not as responsive, but who the heck cares? The purpose is to help you navigate and the compact device is living up to its purpose!