Friday, November 19, 2010

Canon 1000D Price Hidalgo, Quiapo

Looking to buy a Canon 1000D DSLR camera in Hidalgo, Quiapo, Manila to answer the question "how much is a canon 1000D?"

Canon 1000D kit (18-55) w/ 4gb sd w/ 4gb memory - P25,500
no price yet for Canon 1000D body only

Canon 1000D Features and Specifications:

-10.1 Megapixels CMOS Sensor Digic III
-2.5 inch LCD Monitor Better & brighter LCD
-Better and brighter viewfinder
-Live View with contrast based AF
-SDHC card support

price subject to change without notice. you may call the hidalgo camera store contact number for the latest price.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Canon 50D Price in Hidalgo, Quiapo

For people looking for the price of Canon 50D DSLR Camera on Hidaldo St., Quiapo, Manila

Canon 50D kit (18-55) w/ 4gb CF - PhP63,000.00
Canon 50D body - P60,000.00

Canon 50D Features and Specifications
15.1 Megapixels CMOS sensor

3.0-inch Clear View LCD (920,000 dots/VGA) with multiple coatings for improved viewing and smudge-resistant protection.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output for displaying full high-resolution images on a High Definition TV.

Prices may change without notice. You may contact the camera shop in Hidalgo for the latest price.

Friday, November 12, 2010

CDR King NAV-58F 3.5” GPS Navigator, Is it Worth the Price?

For months before I bought my Garmin Nuvi 1300, I was waiting to get my hands on the just released NAV-58F GPS Navigator of CDR King.

at first glance, the specifications and features on CDR King's website:

3.5” GPS Navigator
Price: PhP 5,800.00
Warranty: 6 months (better than the usual 1 month)
Replacement: 1 week

Following discussions on the net, the GPS unit has no tracklogs, meaning it does not record tracks and therefore next to useless for mapping. It's like an entry level Garmin Nuvi.

No information yet if it supports Garmin's IMG file format to use either Roadguide or Open Street Map (OSM).

Is is recommended? If you know a friend from the states coming home, just buy any Garmin Nuvi online from Amazon or eBay and have it shipped via balikbayan boxes or hand-carried. I bought my Garmin Nuvi 1300 at just $149.00, P600 more than the cost of this unit so think twice :P

NAV-58F 3.5” GPS Navigator Features and Specifications:

* CPU: Atlas IV 500MHz, Arm 11
* Display: 3.5” QVGA TFT LCD with touch screen
o Brightness: 250 units
o Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
o Back Light: Adjustable
* On board Button/Keys: On/Off + sleep, Wake Up button, Reset hole
* Sound System: 1W 8ohm built-in speaker
* Memory:
o Internal Memory-RAM: DDR 64MB
o Internal Flash: 1GB Nand Flash (standard), supports up to 4GB
* GPS Features: Built-in Patch Antenna ; GPS info
* Tracking Sensitivity: -159dBm
* Tracking: L1, C/A code
* Channels: 64 parallel channels
* Reacquisition: 0.1 sec (avg.)
* Hot Start: <3 sec (avg.)
* Warm Start: <38 sec (avg.)
* Cold Start: <43 sec (avg.)
* Position Accuracy: Within 10M
* Max. Update Rate: 1Hz
* Velocity: 0.1 m/sec. (max)
* WAAS: Available (Above GPS chip data follow original spec.)
* Temperature:
o Operation: -10°C to 50°C Storage; -20°C to 60°C
* Audio:
o Software volume control
o Built-in speaker 1W, 8 ohm

* USB: USN 2.0 host or client
* Expansion: MicroSD ™ , Supports up to 8GB (Max)
* Battery: Built-in 850mAh Lithium-Poly Battery
* Recharge through USB jack

* Windows ™ CE 6.0 core
* Photo & Text Viewer

* Car Charger
* Cradle/Gooseneck
* USB Cable
* User manual, Quick Guide

Pacquiao - Margarito Fight Results Winner?

Margarito says he'll stop Pacquiao, Pacquiao didn't make a bold prediction, Freddie Roach first said it'll be over in round 9 and now boldly proclaims don't be surprised if the fight's over in round 1

Who do you expect to win the Pacquiao - Margarito fight? Winner of the Pacquiao - Margarito fight would be the last man standing or who the judges scored the most.

I'll just watch the Pacquiao - Margarito fight live on my new Samsum LCD TV :P

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips How to Win Lotto Jackpot PCSO Lottery 6/42, 6/45, 6/55

For people who'd like to know if they're lucky and take a shot at the balooning jackpot of PCSO GrandLotto 6/55...including the greedy senators who "wants to help the poor" but don't palce bets when the grand prize is low

Sure ways tips to win the lottery:
1. Take care of your numbers. Having a set of numbers each time has a
higher probability of winning.

2. Computer programs calculating winning lotto number combination don't

3. Winning number patterns can't predict the next winning combinations.
The balls are each weighed before each draw, right? If you want
predictable and cheated results, just bet on jueteng, the illegal numbers game patronized by the poor who has no money for food and education yet finds resources for alcohol, cigarettes and sometimes drugs, even if they know jueteng lords cheat their own game :(

4. More bets mean more probability of winning; and the higher risk of
losing :P

5. The only way to win the lotto jackpot is to be the luckiest guy who
placed a bet. (There's some sort of luckiest guy on earth who won the lottery jackpot, not once but twice. Jose Rizal also was lucky when he co-won the second prize while in exile in Dapitan)

6. Most lotto winners come from the Bureau of Customs, the Bureau of
Internal Revenue and other government agencies who can't explain their
wealth when questioned why their SALs always bloat even if they have not
so high paying jobs.

7. Sure way to win the lottery grand prize is to bet at all possible numbers i.e. about 29 million lotto tickets worth about PhP580M. This is only feasible, and if the PCSO will allow it, when the jackpot hits more than that prize...just keep your fingers crossed that you're the only one who placed a bet on the winning number combination :P

Monday, November 08, 2010

LCD TV Brands, Prices, Service Centers Information Needed

I'm really shopping for a new LCD TV to be used by my son in his playroom. Want something larger than 21 inches.

I canvassed around Centris Station SM Hypermarket and saw some cheap brands of LCD TVs including TCL LCD TV, Coby LCD TV, CDR King LCD TV, Fukuda LCD TV, Changhong LCD TV, Promac LCD TV, Nextbase, Union, Pensonic, Matrix, Skyworth LCD TV et al

a 19" LCD TV costs around PhP12,000.00 while the 22 inches around P4k more expensive. I wonder if anyone out there can give me LCD TV reviews and feedback, as well as problems where you have to take it to authorized service centers for repairs even if out of warranty.

Some names that came on my search popular with Home Theater enthusiasts: Theater Works (used to be in Trinoma but now selling online), Sights and Sounds 4th Level Shangri-la Mall, The Home Theater on Tordesillas St, Salcedo Village Makati. You might try your luck at Western Trinoma; Savers Appliance Depot, SM Appliance and Abenson's and even stores on Raon, Quiapo Surplus LCD TV's (try Manila South Harbor (Pier)).

I will update this post once I bought my own LCD TV...

UPDATE: I bought a Samsung Series 3 32" LCD TV for P21,000.00 with wall mounting brackets at P1050 (inlcuding installation) and P200 delivery (though I picked it up to save this)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Slow Facebook Access on Sun Broadband Internet

Though I've never been fondof Facebook and other social networking sites, I can't help but setup at least a Facebook page formy main blog. Problem's that accessing Facebook using Sun Broadband Internet is next to useless.

When I try to access my facebook page to post updates on my blog, allI can see is an incomplete main page. It's like this for many weeks now, don't know how long for I really don't access Facebook that much.

I called up Sun Hotline and I they informed me about the advisory on slow facebook access. No timeline was given on when this can be fixed too. It's probably a invisible proxy server problem or content delivery hiccup.