Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Truth or Hoax Dengue Cure: Tawa-tawa, Durian, Papaya Leaves and Camote Tops

With the rising cases of dengue in the Philippines, there are so many desperate people looking for alternative cures not offered by modern medicines.

Some of those alleged to have a cure for dengue includes the tawa-tawa, a weed wose tea concoction rumored to be very effective; durian, that stinking fruit; papaya leaves, and camote tops. (i wonder where can i get or buy tawa-tawa plant here in Quezon City (Manila))

All I can say is that the miracle cures were not really proven as of this time and most dengue cure cases have no evidence that they were really caused by the alternative medicines given.

There's still no confirmed cure for dengue but you can't blame the folks for trying. Just hope and pray that that the dengue cures listed above don't interfere with the other dengue medicines given to the patient.

lastly, give paracetamol to the dengue patient, not aspirin as it induces bleeding.

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