Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fighting Pride (Pacquiao’s Theme) Download: Free Torrent?

Manny pacquiao's official theme song titles Fighting Pride (Pacquiao’s Theme) was recently released digitally

Manny Pacquiao theme song is a collaboration with Filipino-Scottish rock band Rag Rag and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Madonna Decena. It features Pacquiao intro message “Deliver me from this fight, to honor you in my country.”

If you're looking for Fighting Pride (Pacquiao’s Theme) download, you need to pay for it, no such thing as a free download as it's really copyrighted, some call it piracy tantamount to stealing. Ringtones may be bought on Jamster or Thumbplay.

For more information, check out

Monday, September 20, 2010

And Now Wordpres.Me Spam/Virus Emails

After a deluge of spam mails from Wordpres.Us, now comes so many virus emails that tricks users to a blog post from domain

the spam variation sends to three random addresses plus BCCs. I noticed I can't filter out and so i just used filters for wordpres.* to cover them both.

not much you can really do to fight those miscreants for they always keep on thinking of new ways to advertise their fraudulent products.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Toyota Alphard Price, Features, Specifications

I'm really dead serious in looking for a new car to replace my Vios next year. I noticed the new Toyota Alphard prominently displayed at Toyota dealer onC5

Toyota Alphard Specifications:

gasoline-fed 2.4-liter engine
four-speed automatic transmission
maximum power of 165 horses
maximum torque of 227 Newton meters

Over-all length of 4,850 millimeters,
width of 1,830mm
height of 1,905mm
Seating capacity: 7 persons (good enough for me against the Hyundai Tucson)

Entertainment: in-dash six-CD changer, an MP3 with auxilliary connection with Bluetooth Head Unit (car stereo without iPod Control?)

Safety features include an anti-lock brake system with electronic brake distribution, and SRS airbags for the driver and passenger

Other features: a cruise control system and a dual moonroof

Available colors: White Pearl, Silver Metallic and Raven Black.

No information yet on Toyota Alphard price but I hope it's affordable to me. I'm also looking for a Toyota Alphard reviews, user feedback and comments like driveability, diesel variant, mileage kilometers/liter fuel consumption and other usual stuff.

Truth or Hoax Dengue Cure: Tawa-tawa, Durian, Papaya Leaves and Camote Tops

With the rising cases of dengue in the Philippines, there are so many desperate people looking for alternative cures not offered by modern medicines.

Some of those alleged to have a cure for dengue includes the tawa-tawa, a weed wose tea concoction rumored to be very effective; durian, that stinking fruit; papaya leaves, and camote tops. (i wonder where can i get or buy tawa-tawa plant here in Quezon City (Manila))

All I can say is that the miracle cures were not really proven as of this time and most dengue cure cases have no evidence that they were really caused by the alternative medicines given.

There's still no confirmed cure for dengue but you can't blame the folks for trying. Just hope and pray that that the dengue cures listed above don't interfere with the other dengue medicines given to the patient.

lastly, give paracetamol to the dengue patient, not aspirin as it induces bleeding.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Virus Spam Emails from Wordpres.Us Domain

I've been receiving lately many spam emails with blank subjects and with just a link to a website using the domain Wordpres.Us

Apparently it uses the username of the email address of the sender and creates a subdomain and a blog post of the spammed product e.g. for username the URL would be like

Solutions and Countermeasure:

I sent an email advisory on the spam email, instructed our email administrator to block the keyword and blocked in our company proxy server. No idea yet on what virus is causing the sending of the spoof email messages yet as I'm feeling lazy.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Megaforce Transformers Talking Car Alarm (Cobra)

A very good conversation starter for those not familiar with my car, a Toyota Vios 1.5G A/T, is the talking car alarm that says "Megaforce alarm deactivated" when I unlock the doors using the remote control key fob.

The Megaforce car alarm is a talking model, when Cobra security no longer produces the product. the various warnings said by the robot voice that reminds you of Optimus Prime of the Transformers:

Locked: "Megaforce Alarm Activated"
Unlocked: "Megaforce Alarm Deactivated"
Engine Started and door open: "Please close the door"
on sensing vibration: "This car is protected by Megaforce, please go away!"

all voice warnings come with loud siren sound that sometimes is too tiresome though.

Where did i buy my talking car alarm? head over to ebay philippines, it's there. Price of mine was P3500 with P200 installation fee. If you're adventurous enough head over to Banawe in Quezon City, the car enthusiasts haven and lair of hooligans or jsut have them delivered to you as offered by several online merchants.