Thursday, August 19, 2010

R3 Car Smoke Emission Testing Center (near LTO Makati) should be Investigated

When I had my car registered last year at LTO Makati, I looked for a vehicle emission testing on J.P. Rizal St. first to have my Toyota Vios smoke emission test prior to proceeding to LTO Makati for my DIY registration

The smoke emission test took only a few minutes from payment of smoke emission fees (P350 for smal cars + the questionable P80 IT/Interconnectivity Fee) at the counter, waited a few minutes for my turn.

What surprised me was that my car was never actually tested for smoke emission. All
R3 did was place the smoke emission machine near my car, put the "catheter" inside my exhaust then let somebody take a picture of the smoke emissions technician with my car plate number in view then made me wait for my fake results.

I know I can really pass the car vehicle smoke emission test for it was just three years then but it's a questionable practice, not all 3 year old cars are well-maintained.

And whenever i hear about the no appearance car registration racket of some people, even without vehicle smoke emission tests, they're the ones to blame for the black smoke emitted by some vehicles, even public utility jeepneys, and the smog of metro manila.

so much for the clean air act :(

Be a responsible car owner, maintain your vehicle and reduce your carbon footprint!

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  1. PIlipino ganan talaga, di mawawala sa kagulangan....