Monday, August 30, 2010

Suzuki APV Features, Price, and Safety Record Wanted

I'm evaluating this early a replacement to my Toyota Vios 1.5G 2006 due for de-commisioning next year when it reaches my five year car plan

I need a new car that can seat more than 5 person typical of sedans so I'm crossing out the Hyundai Tucson due to it being just a 5-seater and pricey at P1M.

I'm looking at the not-so-pricey Suzuki APV but I can't find a good review of Suzuki APV 2011. It's currently priced in between the Toyota Avanza and Toyota Innova for the diesel variant automatic transmission (i don't like manual transmission, M/T vs A/T) with the 8-seater, 1.6L engine displacement.

Other options are the much pricier Toyota Innova, Mitsubishi Adventure or Fuzion, Isuzu Highlander and the Nissan Grand Livina.

If you own a Suzuki APV, can you give me both positive and negative feedback and comments, latest Suzuki APV price as well as maintenance costs and spare parts availability.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

R3 Car Smoke Emission Testing Center (near LTO Makati) should be Investigated

When I had my car registered last year at LTO Makati, I looked for a vehicle emission testing on J.P. Rizal St. first to have my Toyota Vios smoke emission test prior to proceeding to LTO Makati for my DIY registration

The smoke emission test took only a few minutes from payment of smoke emission fees (P350 for smal cars + the questionable P80 IT/Interconnectivity Fee) at the counter, waited a few minutes for my turn.

What surprised me was that my car was never actually tested for smoke emission. All
R3 did was place the smoke emission machine near my car, put the "catheter" inside my exhaust then let somebody take a picture of the smoke emissions technician with my car plate number in view then made me wait for my fake results.

I know I can really pass the car vehicle smoke emission test for it was just three years then but it's a questionable practice, not all 3 year old cars are well-maintained.

And whenever i hear about the no appearance car registration racket of some people, even without vehicle smoke emission tests, they're the ones to blame for the black smoke emitted by some vehicles, even public utility jeepneys, and the smog of metro manila.

so much for the clean air act :(

Be a responsible car owner, maintain your vehicle and reduce your carbon footprint!

Tondo Police Station Torture Video Download?

Splashed on TV and bannered by headlines for a few days now, a video of a naked man being questioned by a man aleged to be Insp. Joselito Binayug of Asuncion precint in Tondo, Manila is seen yanking on a rope tied to the genitals of the naked man grimacing in pain wherenever he's unable to answer a question thrown at him

Such acts of torture caught on video by a mobile phone camera was first shown on tv by ABS-CBN. I still can't find a copy of the video download, only screen captures on the web.

I will post links for video download for this torture case that sparked outrage on police brutality and test case for anti-torture law not only national but international attention was well

Monday, August 16, 2010

Speedy Fix (Shaw) Auto Repair Shop

After the pathetic service of Class A Motorcraft on the faulty installation of the fuel filter and fuel pump of my Toyota Vios, I decided to have my car towed to Speedy Fix on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong to have it fixed in a jiffy

Speedy Fix fixed my car in an hour due to improper installation of the fuel filter gasket by Class A Motorcraft Banawe that resulted to not starting problem caused by loss of fuel pressure.

I also had my rear power window repaired by Speedy Fix that they did so by just cleaning the power window motor and gears.

After about a month my power window malfunctioned again but I didn't have the time to bring it back to Speedy Fix due to my busy schedule.

About three months later, I experienced problem starting my car that looked like a low battery problem but it always starts.

I asked my wife to bring it to the battery shop around the corner, where I bought the Outlast battery, and had it tested. It was found to be fully-charged and so I ruled out a problem with the alternator or grounded electrical system that's causing the hard-starting problem.

Decided to bring it to Speedy Fix again to check the starting problem and also the power window. The mechanic on duty diagnosed it to be either a battery problem (that I contested since the battery's been cleared to be fine) or faulty electrical wiring that's draining my car battery and is out of Speedy Fix's "expertise" and so recommended my car to be checked at an auto electrical shop.

I requested my wife to bring it to Wizzard Auto Electrical shop on Tomas Morato in Quezon City but she can't find the shop being a typical direction-challenged woman that she is. Decided instead to have it checked by an auto electrician and specifically pointed him my suspicion that there's a problem with the starter motor that's causing the starting problem.

It turned out the vios' starter motor only needed cleaning of electrodes. Dirty motor contacts cleaned and it's now starting in one click. Note that a motor that's not turning looks like a short circuit that's why it looked like a drained battery where even my digital gauge blacked out due to lack of electric short introduced by the nearly stuck starter motor.

All in all, problems like misdiagnosis happens all the time (for it's best to look for second or third opinions on problems that may be costly for you). At least Speedy Fix fixed my faulty power window almost three months after they looked at it (good thing I still have my receipt) for free probably covered by warranty.

This post has some negative feedback on Speedy Fix but overall I'm satisfied with them. Would I recommend SpeedyFix to my peers and friends? I already did. One of them just had his car running with Royal Purple synthetic oil from them and I may follow suit.


Information on Speedy Fix:

Shop Address: 312 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Speedy Fix Contact Numbers
SHOP - (02) 717-4202
MIGS - (0917) 534-7636
Shop Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm
Official Website:

Speedy Fix price of repairs:
fuel filter/fuel pump re-installation: P500.00
Power window repair: P600.00

please call Speedy Fix telephone numbers for repair inquiries, rates, and other questions.

Torque Mobile Phone Price and Features: E55, T100 and DQ50 QWERTY Cell Phones

For people looking for information on Torque cellphones' price, features and specifications as I've read on Inquirer Libre :P

E55 price: P899
Colored Phone with FM radio

T100 price: P3199
Triple SIM, Bluetooth, 1.3MP camera, Micro SD slot

DQ50 price: P1399 (probably the cheapest QWERTY phone in the market today)
Dual SIM, 1.8" colored LCD
FM radio, Micro SD slot

Where can you buy Torque mobile phones, they have regular sales promos in several malls: Robinson's Place Malate, SM City North EDSA, Market! Market!, and Starmall Alabang.

You may also visit Torque's official website

please feel free to post reviews of torque mobile phones, negative feedback and problems of the cheap cellphone brand (are they made in China or locally assembled, doesn't matter to me but it does to most people)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Google Adsense Payments Delayed

I may not be the only one but my Google Adsense earnings for July was not sent by Google to me. It took a long time for my july 2010 earnings to be processed and be visible on my Google Adsense dascboard earnings history

I usually hold my payments every six months to coincide with my renewal of dollar time deposit where all my Adsense earnings go (for my retirement fund or foreign travel expenses)

My PS dollar time deposit's due on August 3 so I release the hold on my account before June 15.

Problem's that probably due to Google's too busy it was already August when they posted my earnings for July and also did not release my payment earnings.

Anyway, will just wait for next payment release cycle here.

Monday, August 02, 2010

"Cheap," "EVIL" Cameras: Olympus Pen, Lumix GF1 and Samsung NX10

The latest challengers to the DSLR market are the so-called EVIL cameras, EVIL stands for Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens and unlike bulky DSLR cameras, don't have mirrors in them.

Popular EVIL cameras, with the size or small point-and-shoot cameras but the resolution of DSLR cameras, are the Olympus Pen, Lumix GF1 and the Samsung NX10. The usual feature of DSLR is also there with the interchangeable lenses. There's no EVIL camera product from either Nikon and Canon yet but expect the price of EVIL cameras to fall when the two camera giants enter the market.

For now, those EVIL cameras are priced at about PhP40k, approximately the price for a mid-range DSLR body.

I think I'm going to forgo upgrading my Nikon D80 for now to wait and see how this EVIL camera will come to play next year.

Nokia C3: Cheap QWERTY Phone Price and Features

Nokia has just announced its latest smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard similar to E63 (my newest phone that i won during a company raffle last month)

The Nokia C3 features and QWERTY keyboard, a two-megapixel camera, GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity and 8 gigabytes of internal storage space.

Nokia C3 colors available: hot pink, slate grey and golden white.

Nokia C3 also has Facebook and Twitter, Messaging application, and push email function for 10 e-mail accounts at most.

Nokia C3 price: PhP7295.00

Price and features very similar to my Samsung Corby cellphone :P

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Globe Super One Prepaid Promo Registration?

I recently received an SMS in my postpaid Globe phone about the latest offering of SuperOne that can allow me an unlimited call and text one number for just P150/month (Php175 for My Super Plan subs).

how to register for Globe SuperOne:

"To register, text SUPER ONE < 11-digit # > ON to 8888 (postpaid). For My Super Plan subscribers, text SUPER ONE < 11-digit # > to 8888. Promo is until 9/15/10

I really don't need to subscribe to SuperOne since wifey's enrolled in Super Duo, ijust text her to call me :P

note that Globe Super One's only for postpaid plan holders for now and may be offered to prepaid subscribers like me...i dropped my postpaid line, again, due to wifey's Super Duo :P