Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AVG Miniport Driver Messed Up My Network Connections

I downloaded and installed AVG 9 on my Lenovo S10-2 netbook but my network connections instantly got messed up. I thought it was something else when I checked Hardware Manager of Windows XP and founf out AVG miniport drivers not working correctly

I uninstalled AVG but the problem didn't go away. I unistalled my network card (NIC) then re-installed it and fixed the problem for my LAN connection but my USB modem (Sun wireless broadband and Globe Tatoo) didn't work. Can't uninstall AVG IP Miniport driver for Windows XP said it's needed by the system to start Windows.

Using my bestfriend Google on another laptop, I was intructed to download avgremover.exe from AVG official website, run it and now my USB modem's now working.

Now I need a better free anti-virus for my home computer without messing up my PC.

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