Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AVG Miniport Driver Messed Up My Network Connections

I downloaded and installed AVG 9 on my Lenovo S10-2 netbook but my network connections instantly got messed up. I thought it was something else when I checked Hardware Manager of Windows XP and founf out AVG miniport drivers not working correctly

I uninstalled AVG but the problem didn't go away. I unistalled my network card (NIC) then re-installed it and fixed the problem for my LAN connection but my USB modem (Sun wireless broadband and Globe Tatoo) didn't work. Can't uninstall AVG IP Miniport driver for Windows XP said it's needed by the system to start Windows.

Using my bestfriend Google on another laptop, I was intructed to download avgremover.exe from AVG official website, run it and now my USB modem's now working.

Now I need a better free anti-virus for my home computer without messing up my PC.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

BancNetOnline.Com has a New Look

If you're one of those anonymous users of BancNet Online (, you may have noticed the new web page layout of BancNet Online.

No major enhancements to the site for you can still do the same old online banking transactions with it:

Balance inquiry
IBFT (interbank funds transfer)
Bills Payment (even pay SSS monthly contributions online)
Activate Mobile Banking (SMS and i-Can mobile banking)
Online shopping via e-merchants/partners

no registration required, simply use your bank card number (or account number for IBFT) and ATM's safe and secure as long you keep your PIN a secret with you.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

GPS Routing Errors Open Street Map Philippines

For quite some time now I've been using OSM (Open Street Map) on my Garmin nuvi 1300 not asa navigational tool but to map my area to be usedby my direction-challenged wife someday.

On my first days of using OSM, already found several bugs and routes that lead to nowhere some of these are:

1. Roosevelt avenue from EDSA Munoz up to certain area has a center island that doesn't actually exist. Status: corrected a few months ago

2. Some U-turn slots on EDSA near Munoz missing. Status: Corrected

Pending map errors that need correction/updating (it's still too complex for me to do this on Potlatch and I can't find the time to learn either JOSM or Merkaator)

1. Mandaluyong:

Pioneer St has a center island from the EDSA-Boni tunnel up to the entrance of Legend Villas therefore you can't turn left from Pioneer to Madison St or turn left from Madison St to Pioneer due to the center island obstruction

2. Quezon City

Del Monte Avenue (frisco) doesn't have a center island except on the bridge near Roosevelt Avenue. Also, it narrows down from 4 lanes to a traffic-prone 2 lanes from the bridge up to West Avenue

the E. Rodriguez and Araneta Avenue intersection doesn't allow left or right turns to the other but use the u-turns (some missing). Turn restrictions should be added as well as matching u-turn slots. I pass by this area everyday on my daily trip to work but i've yet to gather tracks to update OSM for this one

3. Cainta, Rizal

Ortigas Avenue from Ortigas Bridge to another bridge near Junction (Felix avenue, Imelda Avenue and Ortigas Avenue extension). This messes up routing if you're going to Countryside and De Castro even Super 8, Ever et al


Several u-turn slots missing e.g. those under Kamuning flyover for the EDSA to East Avenue and Timog Avenue

5. Makati

I have to check out the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas might be the one giving me those routing errors that i thought were just due to GPS errors introduced by the tall buildings. Will have to confirm this though

6. Pasig City

C-5 and Ortigas Avenue corner has missing turn restriction and u-turn slots.

I have quite a collection mostly due to missing U-turn slots and turn restrictions or a center island in the middle of the road that really doesn't exist. I've corrected some missing road links and breaks but most of the map bugs i listed above are too much for me at of the moment.

If you stumbled on this post and know the area I'm talking about, you can update the map yourself at the Open Street Map official website.