Friday, June 04, 2010

Pedro Romualdo and Prospero Nograles' Legacy: The Non-passing of the Freedom of Information Bill

It's such a very frustrating news that after 24 years and several Houses of Congresesses had come and go, a basic right enshrined in the Constitution, The Freedom of Information Act was not passed by the House of Representatives

I was waiting closely the Inquirer.Net breaking news when the sad news of it's non-passing was displayed. As usual, The House of Representathieves wasn't able to get a quorum due to always absent "honorable" congressmen in a junket somewhere.

However, as it was tradition to even pass important priority bills even without a quorum, it was a motion to a roll call made by Camiguin Representative Pedro Romualdo that ultimately killed the bill.

Note the Senate already approved the bill and called on the House of Representathieves to do the same, but this horrorable congressman from Camiguin spoiled it all in the name of the rule to have a quorum first.

Such is the the legacy of Camiguin Representative Pedro Romualdo and also of House Speaker Prospero Nograles: the non-passing of the Freedom of Information Act.

Let's just leave it to the next congress, this time with the help of president-elect Noynoy Aquino, to pass the bill promoting transparency in all government transactions always laden with SOP, graft, kickbacks and under the table deals.

If only it's legal to just terminate all absent congressmen and the one who filed the motion for a roll call....


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