Monday, June 14, 2010

Fastest Mobile Internet: Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo, Sun Cellular Brodband Wireless?

Do you believe everything you see on tv? when SmartBro made commercials claiming 9 out of ten speed tests show it's faster than Globe Tattoo? And you believed that commercial crap?

As if Internet speed tests are really objective and also lacks various other parameters. For me, it all boils down to location, location, location

In Paete, Laguna, the fastest USB mobile broadband Internet there is Globe Tattoo. Smart Bro has very weak and intermittent signal. No Sun cellular 3G there the last time I went home

At home in QC and also in my Makati office, Sun Cellular reigns supreme...I can get the full 2 Mbps downloads except at certain times like 5pm like but still my Globe Tattoo and my officemate's Smart Bro can't match

If you're in doubt or want to leave a comment, please be objective. I will post actual speed test results here

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  1. Yes I believe,I can use 80% of my 3mbps linkspeed of smartbro here in really depends on the location and the time of the way pldt and smart has the biggest backbone of wireless technology here in the phillipines...I'm waiting for 4g of smart instead of outdated wimax of globe...speedtest are nothing show me your acutal download speed in real time...mine so far my biggest was 600kBps...I used IDM for that...