Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Define Jejemon: Not So Cool Text Speak Leads to Miseducation

Definition of Jejemon: People using weird and mangled text speak from Jeje that young people think is cool but actiually leads them to ignorance of the English language and poor spelling

So many text messages you receive from Jejemons just to let the word know they're cool and yet they actually don't get it that by using such crude text speak and mangled spellings, they're actually letting their brains die and wither or not lead them to the correct path of learning...

So if you're a Jejemon, kick out the habit and start learning English seriously. I've seen serious people admit using text speak made them idiots in English that even their bosses noticed wrong grammar/spellings at official business correspondeces and memos...much more if you're a Jejemon, you won't get far.

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