Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Text Spam from a Leading HMO

I received a text message again alerting me that i've won something or my SIM card was chosen for a gift

text message from 09326258426 reads:

"A leading HMO company is giving away FREE MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD plus a raffle entry for our KITCHEN SHOWCASE DRAW. An additional gift worth P6,800.00 will be awarded if you call NOW! 3865797 and 386022 or SUN NUMBER 09326258426, 09223338700 and look for MS. NICOLE ADVIENTO. Thank you and God Bless! (DISREGARD IFCLAIMED)"

note that this is similar to the Prudentialife text where you need to call ASAP and claim your prize so as not to forfeit your gift. But you need to bring your credit card so they can easily swipe it for instant approval of your health card or insurance policy.

warning and advice: DON'T waste your time on this one...this may not be a hoax nor scam but their methods of getting clients is forewarned

related text modus operandi:
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  1. War Against Text Spam in the Philippines!

    Caritas Health Shield is also notorious for their text spam.