Thursday, May 06, 2010

Project Full Moon: Plan to Cheat the May 2010 Elections

I received a text message this morning from an anonymous sender with this allegation of cheating to be done on May 10, 2010 automated elections. the SMS message says:

"A1 Information: DND Sec. Norberto Gonzales will manage the d May election cheating thru GEN. bangit, GEN. Prestoza's project FULLMOON, in favor of Manny Villar...FVR, PUNO, & GMA are behind ds dirty tactics w/ a certain computer hacker MARTIN LEEBIONG a Korean National. HE WILL DO THE SWITCHING OF PREPARED CD, pls. Pass so FIlipinos will know dis evil plan, from Chit Saavedra, Cp No. 09091388077. pls pass ASAP"

I don't really know where the text message came from or where he got the information and where he got the idea that in order to cheat in the coming elections, he only needs to swap CDs to do it and using the services of an alleged korean hacker.

I have yet to see the actual PCOS (precint count optical scan) machines to be used in the automated elections but I know they're not using CDs but flash cards, where the defective flash cards made news on tv.

It's really possible to cheat the automated elections using not so high-tech means by infiltrating the ranks of the COMELEC-- the weakest link which are the people manning the machines, the operators and crooked insiders.

The plot the cheat outlined here is unbelievable actuall but not impossible. Utmost vigilance is needed to thwart such evil attempts to cheat in the elections.

I guess i'll still see brownouts on election day, like what I normally see in my hometown Paete, Laguna :(

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