Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Class A Motorcraft Banawe Car Repair Shop Woes

For about a week i've experienced hard starting of my Vios 1.5g in the morning and in the evening when I'm about to go home.

Since I live 10 minutes away from Banawe, I searched for "reliable" and "dependable" shops in the area, quite far from the pesky freelancers.

I chose Class A Motorcraft Service Shop as recommended by some people in this forum where I lurk and occasionaly post. I called them up for an appointment that they said i drop by at 1pm.

Since i've done research on the problem, mention of fuel pump check valve problem that can be checked by switching ignition key from off to on about three or four times before cranking and indeed my car starts.

When i got to Motorcraft on Banaue, Quezon City i spoke to the mechanic (eric) and told him of my problems and suspicion that it's the fuel pump and asked if they can do the residual fuel pressure test to verify (i've done my research, i know the theory but i wanted to see experienced people actually perform it). He mentioned my problem's with the fuel filter, being not a mechanic, but an aspiring DIY mechanic, i gave in to his diagnosis based on my narration.

Motorcraft replaced my fuel filter supposedly with an original toyota fuel filter worth P2000 (i called up toyota casa and i was quoted P2452 for this so it's about ok) plus P550 labor.

On initial starting after installation, I had to crank 3 times just to start (my original problem) but another mechanic told me it's normal for a newly-installed filter...

After leaving the shop and told the mechanic I'll just observe later if the hard-starting problem is solved. I drove to a spa on west avenue for my hedonistic pursuits and to alleviate my back pain. On leaving the spa, starting the engine was harder with several attempts but was able to start it after several tries and drove home.

The following morning, my car won't start after many tries, even if i toggle the key from On to Off. I'm pretty sure it's a fuel system problem-- fuses and relays fine, no error codes (i have my own OBD II scanner), sparks plugs ok and car seems to start, shakes then dies as if there's no gas (on a half-full gas tank)

I called up Motorcraft Banawe about the problem, spoke to Eric and, after speaking to his boss Robert Ong, informed me they're going to check my car and requested for my contact numbers to call me back and coordinate.

I filed an emergency leave from work just to wait for Motorcraft guys to arrive and check my car but no people, not even a text or call came.

I called them again at 5pm (using my cellphone for 10 minutes) to inquire if they're really coming and was able to personally talk to Robert Ong, who told me it's not the fuel filter they installed but probably something else, and committed again to come to my home to personally check my car.

Next day, I left my car keys at home and requested my mom to wait for Robert Ong and company but they again never text, no call on my cellphone nor at my office phone that also logs all missed calls.

My car not starting problem may not be their doing, but they misdiagnosed my complaint and installed a filter that i still don't need, since I've only 26,000 kilometers on my odometer, made me cough out P2550.00.

Second, they promised, not once, but twice, to come to my aid but reneged on their "reliable" and "dependable"

as a rememdy, I called up Speedy Fix, highly recommended motor repair shop on Shaw Boulevard in mandaluyong and had my Toyota Vios towed there. Speedy Fix mechanic needed less than an hour to fix my car with the culprit-- incorrectly installed gasket of the fuel pump that gave way and leaked. Something Motorcraft could have corrected easily if they only went to my house as they promised thus this negative feedback of their supposedly good reputation.

I was charged P500 by Speedy Fix, something that should've been charged to Motorcraft for their "class A" service...just charged it to experience again.


  1. I just wanted to comment your blog and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more soon mate.

  2. May I know the address of motorcraft in banawe. I have a problem on my ford escape they said the fuel pump. Thanks

  3. anonymous, are you sure you're going to motorcraft banawe? have you read my post? my car didn't start on the 2nd time after the fuel filter replacement by class a motorcraft due to wrong gasket installation of the fuel pump. they said they'll visit my car at home but didn't arrive even if the owner promised me he will check it out. such bad service :(

  4. your blog helps me a lot. I am planning to visit class a motorcraft but after reading this, I changed my mind.

  5. Class A Motorcraft was recommended by a friend. I entrusted my Chevy Optra to them and had to wait for many weeks for them to fix it but I ended up spending about Php100,000.00 with my car stuck in my garage. I had to return my car to them 3x because of oil leaks and bad running condition but they failed to solve the problem even if the parts I delivered were original. My car was towed to the casa and after a thorough check up I was told that I need to spend all over again. They don't deserve to be called "class A" with this kind of service!

  6. did any body know buboy..hes also from banaue with autoshop but i really dont know the name of his shop..i lost my celpone including his number he has a mole in to his lips hes tall