Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brownouts on Election Day: Still Effective Way to Cheat in the 2010 Automated Elections?

I've seen it happen over the past elections at least in my hometown Paete, Laguna. Some "wisemen" would find a way to trip electric supply at least of the elementary schools where counting of ballots at the precint levels are still on-going. that was the manual elections of the past.

Come this May 2010 automated elections using the new COMELEC system of Precint Count Optical System machines utilizing scanners to scan ballots shaded with the candidates circcles, would browouts still be able to hide the cheaters doing their dirty tricks?

I just hope backup batteries and generators would really be deployed to ensure fair and honest elections without delay. As fas as i know, election day browouts can only delay the electoral process but will not affect the vote count and tally. If the cheaters can swap the flashcards, hack into the voting machines, tap into the network (wireless, GPRS, EDGE, 3G) of the telcos and alter the data being sent probably aided by evil COMELEC insiders like e-Garci at night when it's dark but I think most of the ballots are already scanned, transmitted and thus counted by COMELEC servers located inside the datacenter.

Cheaters have PhDs in manual election cheating but the automated elections is a different ballgame requiring new tools and tricks of the trade.

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