Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Class A Motorcraft Banawe Car Repair Shop Woes

For about a week i've experienced hard starting of my Vios 1.5g in the morning and in the evening when I'm about to go home.

Since I live 10 minutes away from Banawe, I searched for "reliable" and "dependable" shops in the area, quite far from the pesky freelancers.

I chose Class A Motorcraft Service Shop as recommended by some people in this forum where I lurk and occasionaly post. I called them up for an appointment that they said i drop by at 1pm.

Since i've done research on the problem, mention of fuel pump check valve problem that can be checked by switching ignition key from off to on about three or four times before cranking and indeed my car starts.

When i got to Motorcraft on Banaue, Quezon City i spoke to the mechanic (eric) and told him of my problems and suspicion that it's the fuel pump and asked if they can do the residual fuel pressure test to verify (i've done my research, i know the theory but i wanted to see experienced people actually perform it). He mentioned my problem's with the fuel filter, being not a mechanic, but an aspiring DIY mechanic, i gave in to his diagnosis based on my narration.

Motorcraft replaced my fuel filter supposedly with an original toyota fuel filter worth P2000 (i called up toyota casa and i was quoted P2452 for this so it's about ok) plus P550 labor.

On initial starting after installation, I had to crank 3 times just to start (my original problem) but another mechanic told me it's normal for a newly-installed filter...

After leaving the shop and told the mechanic I'll just observe later if the hard-starting problem is solved. I drove to a spa on west avenue for my hedonistic pursuits and to alleviate my back pain. On leaving the spa, starting the engine was harder with several attempts but was able to start it after several tries and drove home.

The following morning, my car won't start after many tries, even if i toggle the key from On to Off. I'm pretty sure it's a fuel system problem-- fuses and relays fine, no error codes (i have my own OBD II scanner), sparks plugs ok and car seems to start, shakes then dies as if there's no gas (on a half-full gas tank)

I called up Motorcraft Banawe about the problem, spoke to Eric and, after speaking to his boss Robert Ong, informed me they're going to check my car and requested for my contact numbers to call me back and coordinate.

I filed an emergency leave from work just to wait for Motorcraft guys to arrive and check my car but no people, not even a text or call came.

I called them again at 5pm (using my cellphone for 10 minutes) to inquire if they're really coming and was able to personally talk to Robert Ong, who told me it's not the fuel filter they installed but probably something else, and committed again to come to my home to personally check my car.

Next day, I left my car keys at home and requested my mom to wait for Robert Ong and company but they again never text, no call on my cellphone nor at my office phone that also logs all missed calls.

My car not starting problem may not be their doing, but they misdiagnosed my complaint and installed a filter that i still don't need, since I've only 26,000 kilometers on my odometer, made me cough out P2550.00.

Second, they promised, not once, but twice, to come to my aid but reneged on their "reliable" and "dependable"

as a rememdy, I called up Speedy Fix, highly recommended motor repair shop on Shaw Boulevard in mandaluyong and had my Toyota Vios towed there. Speedy Fix mechanic needed less than an hour to fix my car with the culprit-- incorrectly installed gasket of the fuel pump that gave way and leaked. Something Motorcraft could have corrected easily if they only went to my house as they promised thus this negative feedback of their supposedly good reputation.

I was charged P500 by Speedy Fix, something that should've been charged to Motorcraft for their "class A" service...just charged it to experience again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wu Travel Affiliate Program, Scam?

This is a post on the Wu Travel Affiliate where a Wu travel agent will approach blog owners for marketing their travel booking website for hotels in Asia

I did get my $50 sign-up bonus and accumulated bookings translating to earnings well over $100 already. Problem is that even if their Wu Travel Affiliate program declares I will get paid monthly when my earnings reach $100, many months now and i've yet to receive mine thru my paypal account

I don't know if they're really legitimate but their non-payment of affiliates doesn't speak well of them. I will post a similar blog entry on my travel blog and probably a viral warning for people to stop booking their hotels online at Wu Travel.

Wu Travel people, pay up. It seems i'm not the only travel blogger ranting about you. You don't know the power of blogs linking together and can translate to bad business on your side.

For now, i've removed their banner on my travel site and let Wu Travel people find this post, wait for a few days for a response before I bash them on my travel blog.

Warning: don't book travel arrangements with Wu Travel if they can't honor their word

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Comelec/Smartmatic PCOS Machine Malfunction Cost Me My Vote This Election

I went home to Paete, Laguna at 6am this morning just to cast my vote for the Philippines' first Automated election.

Arrived in Paete at 930am, walked to Ibaba Elementary School, saw the long lines at the gates, didn't bother to check inside, went straight home, ordered pancit canton at Benga's Panciteria, ate a hearty meal, took a nap, chatted with my parents, went back to the poll precints at 1pm

My parents and li'l sister were able to vote at their precincts for about 15 minutes, but my name, i found listed on the next precint incidentally has a non-working PCOS (precint count optical scanner) machine that made a very long queue. (Question: what's the COMELEC's rationale for separating members of the same households to different precincts/)

I went home again to eat lunch, waited for 3pm, got back to my precinct still with PCOS machine error

Since I don't have the luxury of time to wait, I decided to just go straight back home to Quezon City, leaving me one of many disenfranchised voters out there.

At least I tried, unlike many others who didn't even bothered to vote, and who has no right to question the government for their inefficiency and corrupt ways

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Project Full Moon: Plan to Cheat the May 2010 Elections

I received a text message this morning from an anonymous sender with this allegation of cheating to be done on May 10, 2010 automated elections. the SMS message says:

"A1 Information: DND Sec. Norberto Gonzales will manage the d May election cheating thru GEN. bangit, GEN. Prestoza's project FULLMOON, in favor of Manny Villar...FVR, PUNO, & GMA are behind ds dirty tactics w/ a certain computer hacker MARTIN LEEBIONG a Korean National. HE WILL DO THE SWITCHING OF PREPARED CD, pls. Pass so FIlipinos will know dis evil plan, from Chit Saavedra, Cp No. 09091388077. pls pass ASAP"

I don't really know where the text message came from or where he got the information and where he got the idea that in order to cheat in the coming elections, he only needs to swap CDs to do it and using the services of an alleged korean hacker.

I have yet to see the actual PCOS (precint count optical scan) machines to be used in the automated elections but I know they're not using CDs but flash cards, where the defective flash cards made news on tv.

It's really possible to cheat the automated elections using not so high-tech means by infiltrating the ranks of the COMELEC-- the weakest link which are the people manning the machines, the operators and crooked insiders.

The plot the cheat outlined here is unbelievable actuall but not impossible. Utmost vigilance is needed to thwart such evil attempts to cheat in the elections.

I guess i'll still see brownouts on election day, like what I normally see in my hometown Paete, Laguna :(

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brownouts on Election Day: Still Effective Way to Cheat in the 2010 Automated Elections?

I've seen it happen over the past elections at least in my hometown Paete, Laguna. Some "wisemen" would find a way to trip electric supply at least of the elementary schools where counting of ballots at the precint levels are still on-going. that was the manual elections of the past.

Come this May 2010 automated elections using the new COMELEC system of Precint Count Optical System machines utilizing scanners to scan ballots shaded with the candidates circcles, would browouts still be able to hide the cheaters doing their dirty tricks?

I just hope backup batteries and generators would really be deployed to ensure fair and honest elections without delay. As fas as i know, election day browouts can only delay the electoral process but will not affect the vote count and tally. If the cheaters can swap the flashcards, hack into the voting machines, tap into the network (wireless, GPRS, EDGE, 3G) of the telcos and alter the data being sent probably aided by evil COMELEC insiders like e-Garci at night when it's dark but I think most of the ballots are already scanned, transmitted and thus counted by COMELEC servers located inside the datacenter.

Cheaters have PhDs in manual election cheating but the automated elections is a different ballgame requiring new tools and tricks of the trade.