Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sun Mobile Internet: BitTorrent Blocked/Filtered

I'm a Sun Mobile Broadband Internet postpaid unlimited subscriber for many months now, shelling out P649.00/month (due to my postpaid cellphone plan). Though I'm aware of their terms of service for unlimited plan, I was able to use the torrent network to download stuff

Just last week, my Sun Internet slowed down in Makati, I use it after office hours to check my blog, but it just switches connection from WCDA to HSDPA, reaches no more than 50 kbps then times out.

I called up Sun Internet hotline (333 on mobile phone or 895-3333 on a landline) and reported the problem. I was informed there was a network maintenance on-going that affected my Sun mobile internet use (not slow, but unusable browsing).

Today, I tested it again and it was back to its earlier speed that reaches 2Mbps at times (much faster than Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo) but my uTorrent client can no longer connect and download my precious torrent files.

I will now find ways to bypass Sun Internet filters to enable bittorrent network access, probably a SSH tunnel, TOR network or a torrent proxy (if you know of any hack or how to enable torrents in Sun cellular, please do leave a comment)

Will post about my torrent exploit later :P

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