Monday, April 05, 2010

DIY Car Audio Upgrade on a Limited Budget for Better Sound Quality (SQ)

I'm now embarking on upgrading my car audio sound setup to improve the so-called SQ (sound quality). I just want it simple where I can hear clearly every words said, the highs and lows and mids in perfect balance

from what I know on how to improve car sound system, these are the steps and instructions I intend to do:

1. Change the car stereo/ head unit. we all know that the OEM/stock head unit sounds like you're listening to a tin can. The Toyota Vios 1.5G head unit from Fujitsu Ten sounded like that. I already upgraded this to a Pioneer DEH-2250UBG with Auxiliary Input, USB and Direct iPod control with highly noticeable sound quality difference. It's a 1-DIN unit that's why I bought spacers to fit the original 2-DIN slot of Toyota Vios.

2. Change the stock speakers, all four of them. My car has four speakers, two on the front door panels and two rear speakers on the backboard. I was thinking if is should really replace them to improve since I'm on a very limited budget. The bass output is quite ok for my taste but not the highs so I figured I will just add at least two tweeters and two capacitors. I only need to know where to place them.

3. Install a subwoofer to get more ooomph in your lows and bass sound. I was quoted a price of P3.5k by C3 Audio on Banawe, Quezon City with the speaker enclosure to be placed inside the trunk. I wonder how it would sound like. I value my trunk space so i'm thinking about it so as not to lose precious space for Poging's walker, stroller and other stuff. A separate amplifier for the subwoofer is usually recommended. I'm planning though to just use a cheap subwoofer setup from a computer PC, the one that comes with two small speakers that costs about P1200 only. I won two of these, two years in a row, from our company raffle and powered by 220 Volts, I only need to change the power source to 12 Volts DC and look for the place, preferably the backboard to install the subs.

4. DIY deadening of car doors and trunk, probably roof and floors too. Cheap materials for this is Flashband, a brand of waterproofing fastened to you car's surfaces to lessen road noise, eliminate rattles and unwanted vibrations and some claim added clarity on bass and mid-bass sound.

Other ideas on improving car sound quality are welcome. I will try to experiment on things. Also the Toyota Vios 1.5G seems to be deadend already so I will look for ways to minimize rattles and resonating panels.

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