Thursday, April 15, 2010

COMELEC: Check Your Voter Registration and Voting Precinct Online

For people like me living in Metro Manila (or elsewhere) and yet continue to be registered in my hometown (Paete for me of course), I can now check if there's any problem with my voter registration if I'm no longer included in the voters list (for those who did not vote during past elections)

You can view your voter registration online on the COMELEC website.
this is handy for me for I'm still registered in my hometown in Laguna.

You need to enter your full name (first, middle and family names) and birthday to get your precinct number, town/city, barangay and other information here. At least you no longer have to manually look for your name the precint number list posted on the precinct, quite a daunting task for large communities.

Let's just hope there are few disenfranchised voters (some disenfranshisements were intentional where known supporters of rival candidates forced/paid not to vote)

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