Monday, March 22, 2010

Windows Vista Explorer Hangs When Deleting/Renaming Files

I'm the only one in the this freakin' office using Windows Vista since I need to test and learn if our company needs to upgrade our mostly Windows XP to Windows Vista or maybe straight to Windows 7.

My Windows Vista Basic runs fine (but not my Lenovo Ideapad Y430 with a new LCD screen) until a couple of days ago when I noticed Windows Explorer hangs whenever I try to delete a file, rename or do some to other things. Task Manager won't show it's not responding.

Further tests prove only the current Windows Explorer window freezes and opening a new one will work but the window activity telling you the file is being sent to the Recycle Bin won't close and freeze on screen but you can minimize.

I will just use task Manager to re-start Windows Explorer but I need to find the solution to the problem. I checked if my system needs a patch but no software upgrade is available (my system's always updated as it should always be). This also affects Firefox browser (or Internet Explorer) whenever I need to save a downloaded file since it also uses Windows explorer in the background.

Asking google for solutions ended up with the question still unanswered "Windows Explorer has stopped working" problem.

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