Monday, March 15, 2010

DJ Grace Lee Skiing Accident in Korea

Now this is showbiz but not your typical showbiz fodder.

Heard on Showbiz Central that DJ Grace Lee, that loveable DJ of magic 89.9, met an accident in Korea while skiing.

Skiing in itself is dangerous but I heard the details narrated by DJ Mo this morning during my daily drive to the office that Grace attempted to ski on a course for advanced/intermediate level and hurt herself in the process. Imagine Grace in bandages with broken arms (or ribs)...that must've hurt...and Grace Lee must've really cried due to the pain.

Grace Lee, take care of yourself will you? Though I i really don't like showbiz, you're one of those faces I'd love to see. You're more Filipina than most Filipinas I know when it comes to loving our country even if you're really Korean.

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