Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Cellphone Jammers to Cheat Elections 2010?

A recent reports by the Commision on Elections (COMELEC) on the threat of the reported entry of 5000 mobile phone signal jamming equipment in the country hoged the news recently.

Cellphone jammers operate like "wild mobile phone" transmitters to block legitimate cellphone signals thereby disbaling them. This is so because the equipment for the May 2010 elections will be using cellular phone lines to transmit precinct count to the tallying center computers.

WOuld the cellphone jammers be able to cheat? I don't think so. They will merely delay the tallying but not the count since the real election count is stored in the individual units at each precinct. Cellphone jamming will only delay but traditional dagdag-bawas cheating tactics won't succeed.

I will look for equipment to trace/track/detect cellphone jammers and procedures how to mitigate the threat.

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