Monday, January 25, 2010

Raffy London LTO Registration: Hassle-Free, Professional Fixer?

Raffy London's not a scam but his claim of hassle-free LTO car registration is a fluke. Sure, you'll just email or text the required details and he'll do the rest (which is really the work of a fixer).

I have a friend contracted his services and got into a headache and extra expense for late registration caused by RB London's professional fixing activities at LTO Makati.

He earns from the CTPL insurance apparently owning an insurance company and delivers your LTO registration official receipt (OR) via messenger to your home. He charges a little extra too for the car emission test.

The problem is that he does some sort of magic by falsifying the field emmission test (the anti-smoke belching) by not requiring your vehicle to undergo an emissions test (which is a necessary evil to reduce if not eliminate smoke belchers on our dangerous roads).

But during my friend's registration, his one week registration window lapsed without his car being registered and Mr. London, didn't even inform him of the problem. Repeated texts and calls to Mr London just confirmed his car can't be registered due to the required test. He ended up showing up at an accredited field emission test (something every responsible car owner should do) and paid LTO late registration charges that could've been avoided if he was told earlier.

If I were you, I'll just have my car registered at LTO Makati and avoid the fixers. it's not that hard to do it yourself and you'll not encourage the illegal act of fixing transactions.

A large sign warning against illegal fixers can be found at the gate of LTO Makati and yet once you get there, you'll know yyou're near for many people will offer their services to facilitate your transaction that you can actually do yourself. (I'm speaking of LTO Makati but not of other LTO offices so full of fixers)


  1. sir balak ko po kasi kunin yung services nya sure po ba na fake sya? thanks


  2. Hi this is Raffy London the owner of RN London Transport and Documentation Service.My service sir if for those person who are busy and have no time to go to LTO.If you think my work is illegal then you dont have to hire my services.