Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toyota ECU/Computer Box Price Discounts?

Almost two months after Typhoon Ondoy struck and here I am still waiting for my Toyota Vios 1.5G to be resurrected due to a damaged Engine Control Unit (ECU), popularly called computer box

Two of my officemates' cars, both new, were also submerged, the first is a Nissan Sentra (two weeks old) and the second's a Mitsubishi Lancer (2 months old). Both ECUs were repaired already and cars running fine...

My Toyota's ECU cannot be repaired with a damaged chip (a Fujitsu 10 21194-1230 chip) and ECU part number 89661-0D250 with engine number 1NZ-FE (1.5L A/T) notorious with car shops saying the computer box was disposable and cannot be repaired.

At my first inquiry with Toyota about 2 weeks after Ondoy, the ECU was priced at P36k. But since I was hoping my ECU can be repaired, I tarried and waited for it to be repaired only to tbe told that it can't bre rescued.

I again inquired from all nearby Toyota casa promo and heard of 40% discount valid until April 2010 but learned that the ECU now cost more than P50k and with the 40% discount is now about P31k...

Did they really apply the mark-up then offered the discount to make it more appealing? :(

Later I learned that a surplus 1NZ-FE engine from Japan costs only P30k from a friend of mine who imports whole engines. Those engines come with ECU too. I only imagined if I had known earlier, I could've bought a surplus engine, installed the ECU in my car then sold the surplus engine chop-chop or whole.

The only reservation I have with surplus ECUs is that my engine can really start but some features of my car won't be activated since some sensors/ accesories may not be present in the original car.


  1. What did you end up buying? I have a similar problem with my vios -- the ECU part number I'm being offered is not exactly the same (89661-0D160 vs 89661-0D250), although the engine (1NZFE AT) is the same. I do not know whether to buy this part at 30K or just wait for the original at the casa.

  2. bought it from the casa but it's almost a month now and no delivery in sight. mosr computer box surpluse sellers will say it's the same part or replacement of mine. I'm pretty sure any ECU for the same engine number like ours will make the engine run but you might encounter problems with accessories as they're made/programmed in the ECU of a particular model that may not be your toyota vios 1.5G. good luck.

    tomorrow is Ondoy's second "monthsary" and i'm still waiting :(

  3. hello, i might have one spare ecu 89661-0D250 part number brand new priced at 40k neg. contact me if you're interested 09228830578. thanks and hope it helps :)