Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paquiao - Mayweather Fight is Boring...Except for the Money Involved

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We all know the latest news and update on Pacquiao vs Mayweather is just about the money

yes, it's just about the money with Pacquiao's last fight outsold Mayweather's last fight against Marquez by about 50%. For sure Mayweather will no longer demand for a 65-35 split of PPV revenues but he can if he really doesn't want to fight the boastful boxer from the US

For me, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a boring boxer. All he does is dance and avoid his opponents, lacks excitement and also avoids risky fights against marquee fighters.

Should the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight indeed push through, the more popular Pacman needs all the defensive skills he needs for Mayweather, like Juan Manuel Marquez, is a counterpuncher.

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