Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signature Analysis and Forgery Detection Seminar/Training

Just an announcement for BAIPHIL members (and not) if you're interested in learning about Singature analysis and forgery for checks, contracts, et al



ON : NOVEMBER 26, 2009 (THURSDAY); 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

AT: Function Hall, La Maja Rica Hotel,
Mac Arthur Hi-Way corner Ligtasan Street,
Tarlac City


Consultant, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Seminar Fee: P1,200.00/participant for member/non-member banks
(Inclusive of snacks, lunch, certificate of attendance and materials.)


For reservation/s, please contact the BAIPhil Secretariat at Tel. Nos. (02)831-0081, 832-5890 with Fax No. (02)832-5889 or email at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lenovo Ideapad Y430 LCD Screen Flicker Problem

I had my old HP nx9040 notebook replaced about 7 months ago with a shiny new Lenovo Y430 ideapad and everything seemed to work fine

until a few weeks ago when I noticed the screen flickering (sort of flashing) regularly every few seconds after boot up. It used to be only for a few minutes but lately become qutie annoying that I reported the problem to my office technical support.

I know it's not an LCD screen problem so I requested an LCD monitor to be temporarily used since it the flicker strains my eyes that I can't work anymore and stare at the computer screen.

The laptop is still under warranty and I requested for Lenovo Support Singapore (with office in Citibank Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati) through my supplier Zenshin.

Will post updates, actual problems, workarounds and solutions later

UPDATE: Lenovo replaced my notebook's LCD for free (took two weeks with Lenovo Philippines through Zenshin, my supplier) since it's still under warranty...a month before warranty expiry :P

Paquiao - Mayweather Fight is Boring...Except for the Money Involved

a break from techie stuff...

We all know the latest news and update on Pacquiao vs Mayweather is just about the money

yes, it's just about the money with Pacquiao's last fight outsold Mayweather's last fight against Marquez by about 50%. For sure Mayweather will no longer demand for a 65-35 split of PPV revenues but he can if he really doesn't want to fight the boastful boxer from the US

For me, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a boring boxer. All he does is dance and avoid his opponents, lacks excitement and also avoids risky fights against marquee fighters.

Should the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight indeed push through, the more popular Pacman needs all the defensive skills he needs for Mayweather, like Juan Manuel Marquez, is a counterpuncher.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lusting for Garmin NuviPhone: Mobile Phone GPS

For quite a long time now, I've been lusting for a GPS unit, first with a mapping capability like a Colorado, Oregon or 60CSx but no looked like scaled down to cheaper Nuvi car dashboard-mount units

I just saw the new Asus Garmin NuviPhone G60 and I can't help but ogle at it on the web. But at a price tag of about SG$800 in Singapore and US$500 in the US, my practical side will always win...even the upcoming Garmin nuviphone m20 can make me buy it. I can however buy a Nokia cellphone or a Sony Ericsson with GPS functionality.

Hope to order my Garmin Nuvi 1300 soon...and post reviews plus sources of the latest updated Philippine maps for GPS enthusiasts

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toyota ECU/Computer Box Price Discounts?

Almost two months after Typhoon Ondoy struck and here I am still waiting for my Toyota Vios 1.5G to be resurrected due to a damaged Engine Control Unit (ECU), popularly called computer box

Two of my officemates' cars, both new, were also submerged, the first is a Nissan Sentra (two weeks old) and the second's a Mitsubishi Lancer (2 months old). Both ECUs were repaired already and cars running fine...

My Toyota's ECU cannot be repaired with a damaged chip (a Fujitsu 10 21194-1230 chip) and ECU part number 89661-0D250 with engine number 1NZ-FE (1.5L A/T) notorious with car shops saying the computer box was disposable and cannot be repaired.

At my first inquiry with Toyota about 2 weeks after Ondoy, the ECU was priced at P36k. But since I was hoping my ECU can be repaired, I tarried and waited for it to be repaired only to tbe told that it can't bre rescued.

I again inquired from all nearby Toyota casa promo and heard of 40% discount valid until April 2010 but learned that the ECU now cost more than P50k and with the 40% discount is now about P31k...

Did they really apply the mark-up then offered the discount to make it more appealing? :(

Later I learned that a surplus 1NZ-FE engine from Japan costs only P30k from a friend of mine who imports whole engines. Those engines come with ECU too. I only imagined if I had known earlier, I could've bought a surplus engine, installed the ECU in my car then sold the surplus engine chop-chop or whole.

The only reservation I have with surplus ECUs is that my engine can really start but some features of my car won't be activated since some sensors/ accesories may not be present in the original car.